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The Robin Hood Intercomm Challenge
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a fanfiction collaboration between single-character Robin Hood BBC communities
Robin Hood Intercomm is currently closed.

See here for the 2011 Awards!

Please direct any questions or comments to the Help Post at the mod community.

* * *

Welcome to Intercomm, a fanfiction collaboration between the single-character Robin Hood BBC communities! Below should be all the information you need to participate. If something is unclear to you or you have any questions, please PM a mod (contact information is at the bottom of this write-up), or comment to the post here.

Things are going to run a little differently this year than last year; the communities are not competing, and there will only be one round of voting, at Intercomm. We will still be keeping track of word and fic counts, just as a point of interest.

Prompts available: January 17, 2011
Posting opens: February 1, 2011
Posting closes: February 28, 2011
Voting opens: March 7, 2011
Voting ends: March 21, 2011

Posting closes: March 6, 2011
Submissions open: March 7, 2011
Submissions close: March 12, 2011
Voting opens: March 14, 2011
Voting ends: March 28, 2011

-You need to be a member of a community to enter a fic for them.
-All fics entered to a community must feature that community's character as the central character. For stories involving more than one participating character, make sure one is CLEARLY the focal character.
-Shipfics and genfics are acceptable, provided the central focus remains on the community's character.
-Each fic can only be entered for one community.
-Multi-chapter fics may be entered, but cannot be posted until they are complete. They count as ONE entry. Please see the "Posting" section below for more on how multi-chapters should be posted.
-Any works already posted anywhere else, either partially or in their entirety, are ineligible. Works in progress which have never been posted, in whole or in part, ARE eligible. (It's okay if you've had a beta read it-- beta reading is encouraged!)
-Observe proper ratings, and content and spoiler warnings.
-Make sure to use the correct tagging and headers. We've made it very easy by laying out what should be included, below.
-Prompts are NOT required to be used. They're only provided for possible inspiration; feel free to use one, or not, as you wish.
-There is no limit on the number of fics you can enter!
-There is no maximum word count per fic; however, fics of 5k words or more are only eligible for the epic short fic category-- they cannot be entered into genre voting.

-Fics are posted to the community for which they are being entered. They may be cross-posted on personal journals, but must have the actual fic on the community-- not just a link to your journal.
-Please use LJ cuts when posting fics. If you do not know how to use LJ cuts, please see here, or ask a mod for help.
-After posting your fic to the character community, post a link to it on the Intercomm community.
-Both posts must have appropriate headers and tags (see below for more on headers and tags).
-Fics may be entered with as many genre category tags as the author feels are appropriate, but are only eligible for voting under one genre category (which would be up to the author to select).
-Multi-chapter fics MUST have "previous chapter" and "next chapter" links on each chapter post. It is preferred that each chapter post also include either links to all chapters, or a link to a master post of chapter links.

Here's a handy, copy-and-paste header, to ensure that everybody's got the right info.

Qualitative (Genre): Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Crossover, Drama, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Quantitative (Word Count): Drabble (100 words exactly), Flash Fic (101-500 words), Ficlet (501-1k words), Short Fic (1,001-5k words), Epic Short Fic (5k+ words)

Within communities: See individual communities for instructions.
At Intercomm: author, categories, characters/pairing, community, rating
-If you do not have an author tag, or your fic includes a character or pairing for which there is not a tag at Intercomm, please contact a mod to have it added.

Since this is a collaboration instead of a competition this year, we're encourging participants to write for as many communities as they can. In order to recognize authors who do this, we're introducing a ranking system. If authors write at least five hundred words each for:
-->3 communities, they get a yellow star
-->5 communities, they get a blue star
-->7 communities, they get a purple star
-->all 11 communities, they get a red star
Those will be posted on the scoreboard; banners will be awarded at the end of the competition.

After the submission period has ended, authors may select up to six of their fics to enter for voting: one each for the word count categories, and one fic for the genre category of their choice. Banners will be awarded to winners after the voting period has ended.

Feel free to post to the help thread at the mod community, or message a mod at any time:
-For good_wth_wood: lady_kat_pluto and trapt_music
-For isabella_giz: mai_shiranui
-For lordgisborne: shinysparks and thymelady
-For maz_heads: hulamoth and snowystingray
-For robinsociety: railise
-For treatallanright: robinfanatic
-For treatguardsrite: omteddy2006
-For treatljohnright: wastingyourgum
-For treatmuchright: rochvelleth
-For udontknowdjaq: roh_wyn and wenrom31
-For writekateright: jagnikjen and robinfanatic

Have fun and good luck!